ORTOP FIRST LEGO League Team Financial Support

Who should consider applying? Schools, community organizations, after-school programs and individual coaches are encouraged to investigate and apply for an ORTOP Team Support to assist in covering the cost of a FIRST LEGO League tournament registration fees, the season's field setup kit, and sometimes a robot kit. Team support are awarded to teams demonstrating a strong financial need and barriers to other funding resources. Team Support consideration is also given to students who might not otherwise participate because of cultural or social barriers. These students include girls and minorities underrepresented in Oregon's technology workforce. New teams and returning teams can apply. Teams who have started fundraising, but have not been able to meet all costs should apply.
Why is the team support application so extensive? Beyond the contact and financial need information, the ORTOP Team Support committee wants applicants to be aware of what it takes to put together a successful FIRST LEGO League team program. The information provided and the application process helps you determine if the program is a good fit for you (and your organization) and to develop a plan for success before receiving the funds. We want teams receiving support be informed and committed to the objectives of the FIRST LEGO League program and ORTOP.

Because funds are limited. We want teams who receive awards to be those who not only are in most need of the support, but are ready to succeed in FIRST LEGO League.
Oregon Department of Education FIRST GrantORTOP will administer the Oregon Department of Education FIRST Grant for FIRST LEGO League teams in Oregon public schools. This is done using the same application as all other team support. ORTOP will best fit the available funding to teams who qualify for funding, the Oregon Department of Education FIRST Grant will be one of those option. For more information about this specific grant please read this document.
Requirements for Team Support
  • Team must hold team meetings in Oregon or SW Washington (Skamania or Klickitat counties)
  • Coach must have or will attend ORTOP Workshops prior to the start of the season if he/she lives within 100 miles of a training event.
  • Two Team coaches will create a user accounts at the FIRST site to comply with the FIRST Youth Protection Program and associated with the team number.
  • Team will have at least 6 team members and not more than 10 team members including alternates.
  • Team will meet at least once a week for 90 minutes. This is bare minimum. Twice a week is preferred.
  • Team will register for and attend a qualifying tournament in December, including all three judging sessions.
  • If a robot kit is awarded, team must participate and attend a qualifying event in Oregon two years in a row to own the robot kit and at such time it will belong to the participating school or organization.
Questions?? If you have questions please contact us or call 503-486-7622.

 Definitions and Deadlines

Support for new teams
A team without any type of LEGO MINDSTORMS robot kit applying for team support for the first time or an additional team at an school/organization who does not have access to any type of MINDSTORMS Robot Kit.
Support for returning teams A team with access to any type of MINDSTORMS Robot Kit previous purchased or awarded to the school/organization even if there are all new students and/or new coaches on the teams.
Deadline to apply ORTOP Financial Team Support Application is open until all available funds have been distributed. Funds will be distributed starting in  August. Applications will be reviewed every two weeks starting in August until all funds are gone, possibly by the start of September.

Applying for Team Financial Support

Preparing to apply including sample budgets
Read "What to expect if you are the coach of a team receiving team support"

SAMPLE APPLICATIONS! Please download and read to prepare before you fill out the online form.
Oregon 2017 FIRST LEGO League Timeline

Teams who are meeting ORTOP and sponsor goals of fully including students who would otherwise not be able to participate or are under-represented in the tech industry; and for teams who have already started to engage in fundraising activites will be stronger candidates for funding.
Who is a lead coach?All applications for ORTOP Team Financial Support including the Oregon Department of Education FIRST Grant must be completed by the lead coach. The lead coach is defined as:
The primary contact for the FIRST LEGO League team with ORTOP and FIRST. This person is responsible for ensuring the team has a safe meeting place, setting the meeting schedule, completing all FIRST and ORTOP paperwork on behalf of the team, and working with the 2nd coach to ensure the team is ready for the tournament. This coach must read all the emals. They may coach more than one team.
The application process
Complete the ORTOP Team Financial Support Application 

Make sure you have all necessary information before you begin by downloading and reading the sample application. You will need to complete a unique application for each team you would like to receive support.
Applications will be reviewed and awards handed out starting in August!
Possible support for teams that qualify:
  • ORTOP will register your team with FIRST at no cost to your team - ONLY if your team is not already registered.
  • ORTOP will order and pay for some or all of the kits your team needs.
  • ORTOP may cover all or part of your tournament registration fee.
  • In some cases other expenses may be covered as well.


Teams will often use a combination of approaches to underwrite their efforts.
  • Fundraising activities. Teams may decide to engage in fundraising activities such as car washes, garage sales, or bake sales.
  • Team sponsors. Often a local business or a private individual will be interested in sponsoring a team. The sponsor may contribute part of the costs of the team. In addition the sponsor may want to help purchase team shirts or hats. The sponsor will often appreciate recognition on the team shirts, banners, etc.
  • Team member dues. Often a team will request that each team member contribute a certain minimum amount towards the costs of the team. Depending on the team and the ability of the team members to pay, each member might contribute from ten to a hundred dollars.