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Team financial support for FIRST Tech Challenge OREGON teams in the 2016-2017 season

Teams are encouraged to find corporate or company sponsors from their communities to support their teams. FIRST Tech Challenge teams can also apply for team support awards listed here for the 2016 - 2017 FIRST Tech Challenge Season

FIRST Rookie and Veteran Grants - application and administration through the national FIRST organization.

  • New Teams apply to receive a $750 grant credit ($275 to cover the full cost of national registration and $475 to be used in the FIRST storefront toward robot equipment)
  • Veteran teams apply to receive a $275 grant credit to cover the full cost of national season registration.

CLOSED FOR 2016/2017 -
ORTOP Team Support Award
FIRST Tech Challenge - open to schools, organizations and unaffiliated teams in Oregon and selected counties in the state of Washington, Klickatat and Skamania. Opens May 16th - Closes when funds are depleted or September 15th at the latest.  Awards notifications will begin August 1st. Administered by the Oregon Robotics Touranment and Outreach Program. Funded by numerous ORTOP sponsors.

  • Rockwell Collins - partial funding for rookie and veteran teams. More than one team from a school or organization can apply for funding. Funding open to any team in Oregon.
  • Google Data Center in The Dalles - partial funding for rookie and veteran teams in Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Klickatat and Skamania Counties. 
  • Garmin - partial funding for rookie or veteran teams primarily but not limited to the greater Salem area.
  • Other ORTOP Sponsors - ORTOP will fund teams from a collected fund of ORTOP sponsors as needed and budget will allow.
  • MJ Murdock Charitable Trust - for rookie teams only, preference to rural teams, administered by FIRST based on recommendation from ORTOP. Teams must apply using the ORTOP Team Support Award application. If awarded this is a $700 CREDIT applied to the team's national FTC Dashboard account. Team cannot pay for registration or order product prior to recieving the credit. 

FIRST Tech Challenge teams who were awarded Daimler: Education in Motion or Oregon Department of Education grants for the 2016-2017 season will not be considered for an ORTOP Team Support Award. Amount of awards vary with need. maximum award is $1500. 

ORTOP Team Support 
Please read the information below prior to applying for financial support through ORTOP Team Support.

Grades: 7th - 12th Grade 
Team Size: minimum of 6, maximum of 15 team members 

Application Worksheet and Online Submission Link
Download sample application worksheet to see and prepare the questions prior to going online and completing your online application.
Only ONLINE applications will be accepted for consideration.

Sample budgets

Oregon FIRST Tech Challenge timeline

Demographic information

When filling out the worksheet you will be asked for information about your school and school district attended by the team's students or the school in which they are zoned to attend.   Here are some resources that willl be helpful:

Information on Oregon schools and districts from the Oregon Department of Education:
  • Percentage of students who receive free or reduced lunch by school and school district -- Select 2015-2016 for School Year and click on Submit Query.  Where is says District, select your school district and click on View Report.  Where our worksheet and online application ask for free and reduced lunch percentages, use the information in the Percent column of the table to provide the requested information about your school and school district. 
  • Ethnicity information for Oregon schools -- Where it says District, select your school district and click on View Report. Scroll down to find your school. Use the information in the columns labeled Black, Hispanic and American Indian / Alaskan Native to provide the percentages in the three categories request on the worksheet and the online application.
Information on Washington schools and districts from the Washington Department of Education : 
  • School district statistics: Washington State Report Card -- Where it says "Summary" select your school district and click on "go" to receive a report on your school.  You will find the Free or Reduced-price meals in the right-hand column under Special Programs.  Where our worksheet and online application ask for this information for your school put "Not available."  Where you are asked for this information for your school district, use the information you find using the instructions above.
  • Ethnicity statistics: Compare My School -- Select your school district, click on "go", then select your school and click on "go" to receive a report on your school.  Use this information to fill in the percentages in the three categories requested on the worksheet and the online application.
Upon submitting your online ORTOP Team Support Award Application, please send  a copy of your W-9 for the school, organization affiliated with your team  or individual (for unaffiliated teams).
  • Scan and email to:  W-9(at)ortop(dot) org
  • or US Mail to: ORTOP, 4800 SW Griffith Drive-Suite215 Portland, OR
  • or fax to: 888-653-2552

ORTOP / FTC Team SupportWe encourage you to scroll and read the info before you click the application link.

Who should consider applying? Schools, community organizations, after-school programs and individual coaches are encouraged to investigate and apply for an ORTOP Team Support to assist in covering the cost of FTC tournament registration fees, tournament materials, robot kits, spare parts, raw materials for fabrication, tools and other items directly related to the FTC program. Funds CANNOT be used for Coach Stipends.

Team support are awarded to teams demonstrating a strong financial need and barriers to other funding resources. Team Support consideration is also given to students who might not otherwise participate because of cultural or social barriers. These students include girls and minorities underrepresented in Oregon's technology workforce.
FIRST Tech Challenge teams who were awarded Daimler: Education in Motion or Oregon Department of Education grants for the 2016-2017 season will not be considered for an ORTOP Team Support Award.
Comment on the ORTOP Team Support Award Application
Beyond the contact and financial need information, the ORTOP Team Support committee wants applicants to be aware of what it takes to put together a successful FIRST Tech Challenge team program. The information provided and the application process helps you determine if the program is a good fit for you (and your organization) and to develop a plan for success before receiving the funds. Less than 2% of teams receiving Team Support fail to reach a qualifying event. We want teams receiving support be informed and committed to the objectives of the FIRST Tech Challenge program and ORTOP.
Requirements for Team Support
  • Team must hold team meetings in Oregon or SW Washington (counties Skamania or Klickitat counties only)
  • Two Team coaches will create a user accounts at the FIRST site to comply with the FIRST Youth Protection Program and associated with the team number.
  • Team will have at least 6 team members and not more than 15 team members.
  • Team will meet at least twice a week for 1.5 to 2 hours each meeting. This is bare minimum.
  • Team will register and attend a Qualifying Tournament or join a League and participate in League Play. Failure to participate in a QT or League Championship can result in a request to return all funds awarded.
  • If sufficient funds are awarded to purchase a new team robot kit, team must participate and attend a qualifying events or /League Play for two years in a row to own the robot kit and at such time it will belong to the participating school or organization.
If you have questions please contact us or call 503-486-7622

ORTOP Team Support - other helpful information 

If you are starting a FIRST Tech Challenge team for the first time, you will find this information and resource page helpful.

Watch this video. Get excited about the amazing possibilities for your team.

Take a look at the FTC Game Page, skim through FTC Game MANUAL PART 1. This will provide a real picture of what is involved and expected of the team members and adults associated with the team. Click on the past challenges link to read Part II of previous year's challenges.
Check out the Team Mentor Resources page.|
And the Team Resources page.

Be prepared to take on this challenge and give it your best.


Team Fundraising

Each new team will need approximately $2000 or more for registration fees, kits, and related costs. In addition they will need transportation to the tournaments. . Costs for returning teams will be less because most of their materials from the previous year can be used again.

Teams will often use a combination of approaches to underwrite their efforts.

  • Team member dues. Often a team will request that each team member contribute a certain minimum amount towards the costs of the team. Depending on the team and the ability of the team members to pay, each member might contribute from ten to hundred dollars.
  • Fundraising activities. Teams may decide to engage in fundraising activities such as car washes, garage sales, or bake sales.
  • Team sponsors. Often a local business or private individual will be interested in sponsoring a team. The sponsor may contribute part of the costs of the team. In addition the sponsor may want to help purchase team shirts or hats. The sponsor will often appreciate recognition on the team shirts, banners, etc.
  • See Marketing and Fundraising on the FTC National Website - Team Resources page.





  Will be updated as 2016-2017 FTC Kit of Parts becomes available.

New Controller Technology Information on the new technology platform introduced in 2015 including online courses and in-person workshops.
The FTC Engineering Notebook
Team should use an engineering notebook to track and document their design process.  See the appropriate section of the FTC Game Manual, Part I, for details.

See Engineering Notebook examples and guidelines on this page


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